⊿ Mentoring Undergraduates
    I'm incredibly passionate about teaching and mentoring junior scientists and giving them enriching opportunities to participate in science. My students come from many different backgrounds and majors, and all contribute different skills and experience.

    From 2015-2017 I had a junior/senior undergrad Cole Barnhardt (left) and a recent post-grad Ethan Hughes (right) working on a pilot study exploring known human regulators of CENP-A incorporation in C. elegans. Cole recently graduated from UNC and began Pharmacy School at UNC immediately after graduating. Ethan just began graduate school at Harvard's School of Public Health.

    As of 2017 I currently have 4 undergraduate students working on various independent projects within the lab. Sanjana Rao (far left): UNC School of Public Health Sophomore. Erin Rogers (second from left): UNC Biomedical Engineering Junior. Parker McDuffie (second from right): UNC biology senior. Accepted to Medical School in South Carolina, will begin after graduating this Spring. Neil Harwani (Far right): Senior Business school/Biology major.

⊿ Outreach
Every April since 2015 I have worked with another graduate student travelling to North Carolina middle and high schools to teach students about the importance and history of DNA using a pre-developed lesson plan and interactive workshop.