University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC (2012-2018)
    Doctorate of Philosophy. Genetics and Molecular Biology. Successfully defended in October 2018.
University of Washington, Seattle, WA (2008-2011)
Bachelor of Science. (Triple Major) in Biology (Molecular, Cellular and Developmental), Chemistry, and Biochemistry.      
Highline College, Des Moines, WA (2006-2008)
Associate of Science. With Honors in Biology. Washington State Running Start Program participant. Earned coincident High School and Associate of Science college degree.

📝Lydia Smith, Paul S. Maddox. 2018. "Embryo timelapses can be compiled and quantified to understand canonical histone dynamics across multiple cell cycles. 81 (Accepted to Cytoskeleton, September 2018. DOI: 10.1002/cm.21493)
📝Lydia Smith, Paul S. Maddox. 2017. “Reading the Centromere Epigenetic Mark.” Developmental Cell. Vol. 42 (2), p. 120-122.
📝 Anne-Marie Ladouceur*, Rajesh Ranjan*, Lydia Smith, Tanner Fadero, Jennifer Heppert, Bob Goldstein, Amy S. Maddox, Paul S. Maddox. 2017. “CENP-A and topoisomerase-II antagonistically affect chromosome length.” Journal of Cell Biology. Vol. 216(7).
📝Joel Ryan, Abby R. Gerhold, Vincent Boudreau, Lydia Smith, Paul S. Maddox.  "Introduction to Modern Methods in Light Microscopy." Methods Molecular Biology. Vol. 1563. 2017.

Professional Activities
Carolina Mitosis Club (UNC-Chapel Hill, NC - Jun. 2016 – 2018)
Organized a biweekly journal club that includes members from 6 labs. Secured funding (Nikon & VWR) and organized a minisymposium (2016/2017) for all members to present their work to peers.
NC DNA Day Ambassador (UNC-Chapel Hill, NC - Apr. 2015, 2016, & 2017)
Traveled with another graduate student to North Carolina middle and high schools to teach students about the importance and history of DNA using a pre-developed lesson plan and interactive workshop.
Nikon NIS-Elements User’s Course (UNC-Chapel Hill, NC - Nov. 2016)
A two-and-a-half-day intensive hands-on image analysis instruction course. Covers many advanced topics including 3D object measurements, image segmentation and regions of interest, displaying and working with multi-dimensional data, and quantitative imaging and analysis.
Leadership in Science-Based Organizations Course (UNC-Chapel Hill, NC - 2016)
GRAD 712/715: A course series offered as part of the Professional Science Masters program at UNC. The course is designed to help students understand both the need for leadership in their chosen field and their capacity to meet that need.
Canadian Light Microscopy Course (University of Calgary, Calgary, AB, CANADA. - Jul. 2015)
An intensive week-long course that concentrates on the fundamentals of microscopy through the combination of lectures, small group sessions, and hands-on activities.
Teaching Assistant (UNC, Chapel Hill, NC - Fall 2013)
Taught Introductory Biology Lab to undergraduate students. Lead lectures during the class period and held office hours to supplement class time.

Honors and Awards
Graduate Student Mentor Award for Excellence in Mentoring Undergraduates. (2018)
Award acknowledging significant contribution in undergraduate mentoring through all stages of a significant research project.
Dissertation Completion Fellowship (2017)
Fellowship awarded by the Graduate School of the University of North Carolina to select graduate students to support the final year of their dissertation.
Scholarship for “Leadership in Science-Based Organizations” Course (2016)
A scholarship covering tuition for the Professional Science Masters program course (GRAD 712/715) made available by TIBBS for four graduate students.
American Society for Cell Biology Travel Award (2014)
Select award awarded to graduate students to attend the annual ASCB meeting.

Selected Presentations
American Society for Cell Biology Annual Meeting 2016 – Invited Microsymposium Talk
       San Francisco, CA – Dec. 2016
Centromere Gordon Research Conference (and Gordon Research Seminar) – Invited Lightning Talk and Poster.
       Mt. Snow, VT – June 2016
American Society for Cell Biology Annual Meeting 2014-2016 – Poster
       Philadelphia, PA - Dec. 2014; San Diego, CA – Dec. 2015; San Francisco, CA – Dec. 2016
Triangle Cytoskeleton Local ASCB Meeting 2014-2016 - Poster
       Research Triangle Park, NC – Sept. 2014; Saxapahaw, NC – Sept. 2015 and Sept. 2016
UNC Genetics Retreat 2014-2017 – Poster
       Asheville, NC – Aug. 2016, Oct. 2017; Atlantic Beach 2014